Tips for Self-Shooting Content in Quarantine

Since being in self-isolation, I’ve really had to change up how I’m creating my content. I usually have my boyfriend take outfit photos of me, but as he’s isolating in his own space, I figured I have to work something out for myself. I’m just about to start my fourth week in isolation and thought I’d share some tips and tricks to self shooting at home that I’ve found have really helped me in my creating process.

Mix-up your content

If your feed is all about daily outfits, why not look deeper and see how you can mix your your feed and your content around fashion and make it more suitable for this lockdown period. You could try looking at outfits in more detail by focussing on the accessories and detailing of the outfit? Or why not try being a bit more honest and posting your ‘self-isolation wardrobe’ which includes pyjamas and loungewear? Or even your ‘new working from home uniform’? I’ve found that my best posts, since being in self-isolation, are the ones tethered and related to this experience. You must remember that this is effecting the majority of our audience.

Let the light in

No matter when, where or how you’re taking photos, the lighting, for me, is always they key piece to the puzzle. Even though I’ve been using my ring light to shoot (and as an iPhone stand), I always make sure that I’m stood next to a window or am outside to gather a more of a natural look.

This is just a preference of mine, so if you want to play with different lighting to find what suits you and your content best, then please do so!

Don’t stress out

I know this is a lot easier said than done, but please do not stress out about getting content up as often, or as little, as you’re used to. What’s happening right now is effecting people in so many different ways, and adding the worry of shooting content is not worth your hassle. Find something that fits around you. You could take more mirror selfies, or teach a member of family (or whoever your in isolation with) to take photos for you, every once in a while. Whatever works for you will work for your audience.

But ,if you are worrying about how much content you need to creat, why not take batch photos? This means that, for example, if you are a fashion blogger, you get content from a number of different outfits in one day of shooting. I’ve started to do this and it really does help with the work load. I make sure that I plan what outfits and accessories that I want to shoot and prep them all the night before. I then have the day to shoot for how ever long I want, whilst also knowing I’m getting the content that I want.

Be Creative

This is the probably the most important part of all of this. This is a time where we have many limitations to how we would normally shoot our content, and adapting and developing our skills is something that we’re just going to have to do.

Nobody knows how long this will last for but it’s definitely the perfect time to try out something new. Why not try adding some props? Grab a fancy chair, some makeup, a magazine, fake plants, or even real flowers from the garden. You can try out a bunch of different locations around the house, you could edit your photos a little differently, try out your phone’s self timer or grab a few mirror selfies. The list is endless, but now is the time to try it all out.

I know for me, I’ve really enjoyed playing around with angels and the distance between me and the camera. This means I get to focus on the smaller details of the outfits when up close and then to take a look at the outfit in full when further away. I’m also not deleting as many photos as I used to and keeping ‘outtakes’ just in case I change my mind or try and work with it. And the best thing is that if you don’t like how the content has turned out, you don’t have to post it!

I really hope this helps some of you out, and please feel free to to leave your own tips below.

You can find my self-shot content over on my Instagram and Pinterest. Please let me know if you do come over from my blog and I’ll make sure to give your instagram some loving!

P.S Don’t forget that whatever device you’re shooting with, it will probably have a self-timer!

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