The Female Creatives helping me through Self Isolation

This post is my little personal thank you to the female run, creative instagram accounts that are really helping me through this quarantine period. This art work that graces my instagram really helps boost my mood and also take my mind off of the stress of the day.

I’m keeping this introduction nice and short so I can let the art speak for itself, and I hope that you find someone that you connect with through me sharing these accounts.


What I love about Amber’s work is that it is very relatable. Her content is based around helping people deal with feelings and emotion which has definitely helped me out, especially in this time when I feel like I’m in my own head quite a lot and not being able to deal with that as I normally would.

For me, Ivy’s art is so vibrant compared to other content, and this vibrancy really helps lift my mood as it stumbles onto my feed. I love how her content is mixed of abstract pieces but also more in depth, animated ones too. It’s a really great balance and one that I enjoy a lot.


I’m not sure if it’s down to the font, or maybe the colours used, but I find that the Artsy Affirmations content, although can speak quite seriously, comes across super relaxed and friendly. Helping your audience through self-isolation and quarantine seems like such a task, but the positivity from the content that Kerra and Faith produce is so effortless, which is why it works so well at this time.


Danica’s work is my most recent find and, my, it is straight up there with my favourites. As a woman, I find so much empowerment, freedom and also peace in the expression of her work, and her very minimal and natural colour scheme adds to the idea that less can definitely be more.


Similarly to Danica, I find a lot of freedom, and also calmness, in Morgan’s work. I once watched an instagram live of Morgan showing her creative process and how she creates with the way that she’s feeling, and also lets her words and poems come naturally to her. It’s very inspiring to watch. Knowing that Morgan posts art daily is a real bonus for me too as I know I can turn to her account and find something new every day.

All of this art has helped me in some way or another over this past month in isolation from the rest of the world, and in all honesty, I never thought art would be something that I hold on to as much as I am right now. It has brought me peace, joy, and helped me understand my own mind at times too. (It’s hard living in my own head for a long period of time!)

I hope that this post can help some of you out, as it’s helped me. Please let me know if there are other artists, male and female, who you think would bring some brightness into our worlds.

Thanks for reading and I hope you’re all safe and well.

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