My Glastonbury 2019 Lookbook

Before I begin, I just wanted to say that this will probably be one of the less interesting festival outfit inspiration posts around because I basically wore the same outfit every day. But, in saying that, since posting to my instagram, I’ve had a few people asking where each outfit was from and it’s for that reason that I have decided to create this particular post.

Packing for Glastonbury had to be one of the hardest packing experiences in my life. You have to pack for all sorts of weather without bringing a lot of garments. I had to be brutal when deciding what I wanted to bring and only have one or two options for each change. I definitely chose self care products over clothes because I hated the thought of not being clean whilst being there. And, as you’ll probably tell, I stuck to one idea and rolled with it.

Moving on with the post, I only wore one outfit a day. As I said earlier, each outfit is pretty similar but I am giving little insights ( “Tips” ) as to why I chose certain garments.

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Thursday was the day that we arrived and I knew that I wanted to be wearing something simple that I could travel, put a tent up and explore the site grounds in.

And so, what better than a plain white tee? It was super easy to wear, especially with the black cycling shorts and bumbag.

I’m not sure how, but I managed to forget sunglasses even though we checked the forecast for warm weather, so the sunglasses I’m wearing were actually bought a couple hours into our Glastonbury Experience.

All in all, I was rather happy with this look. It was very functional, as all of my outfits were, and kept me cool on our first day of travels.

Get the look…

Oversized Crew Neck T-Shirt | Basic Solid Black Cycling Shorts | Chunky Sole Lace Up Trainers

TIP: I knew as soon as I bought my Glastonbury ticket that cycling shorts would be a must for me all weekend. They’re comfy, easy to style and if it did rain at all, they would dry so much quicker than denim shorts!


Friday was our first full day so I knew I wanted to be in something a little more colourful. We also knew the weather was only going to get hotter.

This oversized t-shirt by iets frans… from Urban Outfitters was the perfect choice. It’s fun, breathable and exactly what I needed.

We had a super full day so I made sure to pack everything we needed into my bumbag which is why I’m carrying it like a handbag (it was really heavy!).

Packing suggestions include: suncream, toilet roll, hand sanitiser, reusable water bottle, a hat and sunglasses.

Get the look…

iets frans… Fluorescent Pink T-Shirt | Basic Solid Black Cycling Shorts | Chunky Sole Lace Up Trainers

TIP: Carrying a bum bag at a festival is a great idea. They’re super spacious, and if you get a good one, really durable too! I managed to borrow my dad’s old bum bag which I thought was so much easier because I was saving money on not having to buy my own, plus, nobody would’ve wanted to steal an old man’s bum bag!


Saturday was by far my favourite day at Glastonbury. There was no rush to catch an early show and we could just wander into the festival whenever we were ready.

The only downside was that from the first gig later on in the day, we were constantly running to the next one as the majority on the artists were overlapping with eachother . But, for me, seeing artist after artist, even if we were missing some great songs, was such an incredible experience as a live music enthusiast.

Saturday, I opted for my oversized Queen band merchandise which I bought from their pop up store in Carnaby Street whenever Bohemian Rhapsody was released in theatres. It’s one of my favourite t-shirts, and band t-shirts, that I own so it was a must to take it to one of the biggest music festivals ever!

Get the look…

Queen ‘Tour ’80’ T-Shirt | Basic Solid Black Cycling Shorts | Chunky Sole Lace Up Trainers

TIP: Oversized t-shirts are my favourite fashion pieces recently. As you can see from this one post, I own a fair few of them. I think my love for them stems from my love of comfortable clothing.

For a festival, they’re perfect too. Like I’ve already said a bunch of times, they’re so comfy! Also, they’re great for colder weather as they’re cotton and will dry rather quick if needed, plus, in warm weather, they’re breezy and cover you from getting sunburn – a win/win situation I’d say.


We managed to get a lot of walking in on the last day. We didn’t have so many acts to see so we ended up exploring the festival grounds a little bit better and getting our steps in.

I managed to tick off a couple of things on my Glastonbury To Do List which involved taking the above photo next to the infamous Glastonbury sign! We’d seen it from the main fields high up on the hill during the first few days but I knew I wanted to go and see it up close myself. I also caught a surprise set from Circa Waves in the BBC Introducing set which was on my To Do List too!

As it was the last day, my feet were absolutely killing me. 4 days of walking around half a dozen fields does that to you, especially when you’re dancing around and queuing for the toilets the rest of the time.

Get the look…

Urban Outfitters Love Slogan Washed Black T-Shirt SOLD OUT | Basic Solid Black Cycling Shorts | Chunky Sole Lace Up Trainers

TIP: You have to be strategic when packing shoes for a festival. They take up the most room in your bag so you don’t want to bring many pairs. For Glastonbury, I brought one pair of trainers and a pair of wellies, just in case of wet weather and muddy grounds. Luckily, I only had to wear my trainers as they were everything I needed. They protected my feet, were super reliable and kept me walking the whole time.

My Glastonbury experience was so great, and even better when I didn’t have to worry about uncomfortable clothing. It’s always better to be happy and comfortable in festival outfits no matter your style, than to wear what you see others in and to not feel yourself.

I’m hoping that you enjoyed this fashion post and that you may even take some kind of inspiration from it, even if it was a bit bland!

Thanks for reading and checking out my blog and I hope that you will continue to check out my future pieces.

Until next time,

5 thoughts on “My Glastonbury 2019 Lookbook

  1. I really love that Queen t-shirt, its so cool! I think it’s really smart that you went for more simpler and comfortable looks, I feel like thats the perfect combination for a festival where you’re going to be outside and walking/dancing all day/night!


  2. I really need to try a pair of cycling shorts, they look great with the items you paired them with. Absolutely love all these outfits, you look fab!! x

    Liked by 1 person

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