Bank Holiday Outfit Inspiration

Around where I live, Bank Holiday’s are definitely the busiest nights of the year and you can guarantee that everyone will be out somewhere.

In this post I thought I’d get a few bits and pieces together to help bring some inspiration for what to wear this Bank Holiday weekend. I’ve tried to include a mix of different outfit ideas from super dressy so smart casual just so I can tailor for a few different Bank Hol scenarios.

But, to give myself more of a challenge, I limited myself to 3 clothing brands – Nasty Gal, Topshop and Zara. I picked these 3 because these are the online stores that I shop at most and thought that this would give you more of a look into what I would personally purchase for the night.

I must say, all 3 brands had wonderful new collections so even if you don’t quite like what I’ve put together then I’d still recommend giving them a look if you’re still fancying something new.

But in saying that, here is my outfit inspo for this weekend (I would wear all of it if I could!)

Outfit #1

I thought I’d start with something a little dressy.

I fell in love with this dress when I was scrolling through Topshop and knew it had to be included in this post. The colour and shape on it is beautiful and the fact the length is adjustable is even more prefect.

As the dress is the centrepiece of the outfit, I decided to keep the rest of the outfit simple by just including scrappy white heels and a matching white bag. There is nothing more you need to add other than a few pieces of dainty jewellery, and then you’re all sorted.

Animal Print Mini City Bag – Zara

Ruched Mini Slip Dress – Topshop

Mid-Heel Strappy Leather Sandals – Zara

Outfit #2

Here’s something a bit more casual for my next outfit. My idea behind it was to cater for those who could be working (like myself) before going out. It’ll be really comfy for when you’re out and will look effortless even if you have just changed straight from your work uniform.

The blue jeans help separate all of the black and with them being mom jeans it just adds that little bit more instead of opting for something more casual like skinny jeans. Also, the heel is low for extra comfort after that long work shift.

Again, I’ve paired with a mini bag and a flowy halter neck crop to spice it up a little.

Shine Black Crocodile Mini Shoulder Bag – Topshop

Scarf Halter Neck Top – Topshop

Edited Mom Jeans – Zara

Strippy Black Heeled Sandals – Topshop

Outfit #3

All white is so in at the minute and having the contrast of the utility style jeans and the very feminine sheer top is really what I was going for with this look. It’s saying to everyone you walk past that you look real good but that you definitely haven’t tried hard (even though you really have).

The shoes I wanted to be subtle and so I went for a clear pair with a white sole to match with the rest of the outfit. And for the final touch, the earrings. These will just blend in with your hair whilst still looking expensive. I’m also pretty sure that they’ll go with most outfits as they’re a rather versatile colour!

Mother of Pearl Effect Earrings – Zara

My Sheer-o Organza Wrap Blouse – Nasty Gal

Ecru Belted Utility Jeans – Topshop (Style without belt)

Vinyl High Heeled Sandals – Zara

Outfit #4

For this outfit, I wanted something a little bit more fun. The animal print on this skirt was exactly what I was looking for, a stand out design that you can still dress up. I love the cowboy boots with it and think that they add a bit more to the out fit than a regular boot or heel would.

To round off this outfit, I’ve paired both pieces with the same black mini bag as before and a simple micro crop top with a square neckline which is a trend that I feel like I’ve seen everywhere at the moment.

Shine Black Crocodile Mini Shoulder Bag – Topshop

Satin Square Neck Micro Top – Nasty Gal

Snake Print Buckle Denim Skirt– Topshop

Howdie Western Boots – Topshop

Outfit #5

I wanted to do an oversized shirt dress look just because I find they look super effortless for any occasion. I think for the shirt I’ve linked, you may need to size up just so you have the length on it to look more like a dress. I’ve paired it with the white animal print bag, from the first outfit, and also a pair of strappy animal print heels. These shoes are probably my favourite of all the shoes I’ve linked in the post. Their neutral colour and simple style will be perfect for the coming summer months too.

If you wanted to pull the shirt in a little you could always add a gold belt around your waist just to show the shape of your body a little bit more. And if you didn’t feel confident enough to wear the shirt as a dress, the blue Zara Edited Mom Jeans would look perfect underneath too!

Animal Print Mini City Bag – Zara

Don’t Texture Back Oversized Corduroy Shirt – Nasty Gal

PU Snake Square Toe Strappy Heels – Nasty Gal

That’s it for this post! Hopefully you enjoy your bank holiday with whatever it is that you’re doing! Please let me know what you think of these outfits in the comments below because as always, any feedback is appreciated.

Until next time,

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