My 9 Favourite Nasty Gal Pieces

Welcome to my first ever blogging haul, where I’m going to be showing you some of my favourite pieces that I’ve bought recently from Nasty Gal.

I’d never really shopped here until recently and I must say, so far, they’ve always had some kind of discount code available every time I’ve visited. So I’d definitely go and check them out even if you only buy one or two things.

Although, I should say before we delve into this that all of these items are tops and accessories so if you were looking for a bit more variety then I apologise in advanced! But I still really think that you should check out some of the pieces that they have available.

Straight Talk Crop Top

I adore this top. When it arrived, I wasn’t sure if it would look nice on me but I’d seen this style all over instagram and it looked so cute. It fits me so well and it’s so versatile to be able to dress up or down, for whatever look you’re looking for.

I love the cute little puffed sleeves, and the button up front just adds to the look completely!

In The Long Run Knit Cardigan

I feel as thought this piece is going to serve me well whilst transitioning into and during the Spring. It’s heavy enough to have over a t-shirt and be warm but I think it’ll keep the breeze away in the warmer months if you just have on a vest or cami top.

This is a new essential piece added to my wardrobe!

Clear Strap Heeled Sandals

I bought these because my current black scrappy heels have been worn to death, and with me getting older, my current ones are a little bit too high for my liking.

I saw these advertised on instagram and went to check them out immediately. They were the perfect upgrade to the heels I already have!

The perspex feature adds a bit of modern fashion to them and the smaller heel height means I can actually last a full evening/night out in them rather comfortably!

Takes One Shoulder Mesh Bodysuit

I’ve been loving the one shoulder look with my tops recently but all the ones I have so far are a lot more casual, so to find this bodysuit for dressier nights out was great.

I loved the mesh sleeve and thought it really added to the looked. I also liked the neckline as it’s different to the curve of a regular one shoulder top. All in all, this bodysuit is a great staple to have in your wardrobe so you can just throw it on if you’re in a rush or just not sure on what to wear.

WANT On Your Shoulder Patent Crossbody Bag

I’ve needed a safe and secure bag for night out for awhile now, and I always knew I’d buy a black one because then it will kind of go with everything.

I loved how it’s patent because if any kind of drink spills onto it, then it’ll just run off without staining or ruining the bag. The clasp on the front will also give me some peace of mind knowing nobody can get into my bag and also that nothing can fall out!

In The Satin Spot Cropped Blouse

The colour on this blouse is beautiful. For some reason, I thought that the colour would clash with my hair seeing as they’re both orange-y toned but I think if anything. they complimented each other.

I love the satin feel to it as it makes the top seem more expensive but still really comfortable to wear. The square neck isn’t too revealing either so it would be suitable for almost any occasion I’d say!

Knock ‘Em Dead Door Knocker Earrings SOLD OUT

I’m so so so sorry that these are sold out because they are honestly one of the most gorgeous pairs of earring that I’ve bought. They’re not too heavy and not too big for my ears and they just look beautiful!

But not to worry because there are plenty of retailers, including Nasty Gal, that are selling these ‘door knocker’ earrings, so if you’re super lucky, you might be able to find a similar pair!

If you’d like to see what they look like on the ear, then please check out the first and last picture of this post! I’m wearing them with my outfits!

Flocked Velvet Tie Front Top

The colour on this top is literally perfect. As I’m quite pale, I tend to go for more pastels tones so they looks warmer against my skin and this top does exactly that.

I sized up in this top so I had enough material to be able to cover my chest as it’s shown, but also to have enough material to be able to have the top as tight as I can so that nothing falls out!

This top is light and pretty and such a beautiful colour and I really think that it would suit almost anyone!

Cowl Will I Know Satin Crop Top

Now the top that is linked is not the top that I’m wearing in the picture but it’s VERY similar (and a little bit nicer if I’m being completely honest!) I couldn’t find the name or link to the cami in the picture but I found this one and wish I’d seen it instead.

What I love about cowl camis is that they’re really simple but can look really really nice as an outfit. If you’ve not tried the look before, I’d recommend going for a black or a more neutral colour to try out the shape of the top on you, and after that maybe go for a more of a statement colour and enjoy it!

Plus the satin look again just makes Nasty Gals’ cowl camis look a million times nicer and more expensive!

Hopefully you guys have enjoyed my first “haul” post on my blog as I really enjoyed writing it! I’ll definitely be collecting up a few pieces from my other favourite retailers to be able to write another!

Let me know in the comments below which fashion stores you’d like me to check out next!

Thank you again for taking the time to read my post,

5 thoughts on “My 9 Favourite Nasty Gal Pieces

  1. I absolutely love the necklines on the first black top and the orange polkadot top, I don’t even know whether that type of neckline would suit me but it looks stunning on you! I think the orange top is probably my favourite of the bunch, the colour is gorgeous. That bag is definitely perfect for a night out, I’ve ruined so many bags because of drink spillages!

    Alice xx

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  2. I’ve been wanting to start buying from Nasty Gal, but their website is so overwhelming! It’s the same with Fashion Nova stuff! I finally bought one piece from them a few months ago, and had such a good experience that I want to continue buying more of their stuff. I LOVE what you ended up getting! Super cute, especially the dotted satin top! xxx

    Melina |

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