7 Home Decor & Interior Design Accounts You Need to Follow

As I spend a lot of my time on Instagram and getting inspired by all of your wonderful content, I thought I’d start a little something called Inspiration: Instagram. With this, I’ll be able to share all of my favourite accounts from the different niches that I’ve come across.

A recent favourite of mine is home decor & interior design. I’ve seen quite a few influencers creating new home accounts and this has inspired me to delve into the wonderful world of Instagram’s home decor world. I should probably admit, it has become one of my favourite research projects that I’ve ever done for this blog.

My Pinterest Account

Before writing this post, I didn’t follow many interior design accounts. I’d come across, and liked, several posts but never followed or interacted with any of their accounts. But since taking an interest, I’ve realised how satisfying and calming it is to scroll through feeds filled with beautiful interiors, and exteriors, that people share of their homes. And with this, I’d like to share with you my 7 favourite accounts, so far!

@lydiamillenhome | The Home of Lydia & Ali

This was probably the first interior account that I’d followed. I have been following Lydia for a while and since she introduced her home account with us all, I’ve absolutely fallen in love with it!

I really enjoy the softness that ‘s created in her photos and the way that she makes the whole house seem so open and relaxed. I also enjoy the willingness of Lydia by sharing photos of her – very instagramable – washing rack and her pet cats taking a nap in her underwear drawer!

It’s such a wonderful home and I’m very happy Lydia has decided to share it with us!

Images taken from LydiaMillenHome

@emma.athome | Emma McGuigan

Emma is a friend of mine from university, and since starting her own youtube channel, has also started posting a new instagram account dedicated to her and her boyfriend’s first apartment.

The sentiment and excitement that is clearly shown with every post draws me in, ad the DIY posts just make me want to change my whole room to look like hers! Plus, the way the flat has been designed and decorated is just the prettiest!

Being introduced to this new apartment through a wonderful pastel pink hue just brings out Emma’s own, and design, personality and really gives the account a bright and kind atmosphere.

If you do anything after reading this post, I’d appreciate you checking out Emma’s account as I can see her going far with it being so beautiful. Knowing how much effort goes into everything Emma works on, I have no doubt that this will be success!

Images taken from @Emma.athome

@minimalistbible | Minimalism

This is one of the most satisfying interior design accounts that I’ve come across yet. I absolutely adore the white aesthetic and have even applied it to my own bedroom.

The interiors published are all stylish and modern, with a slight softness coming from some of the more neutral tones in the designs. This is for sure what I’d love my future place to look like!

What’s lovely about this account is that it’s not all interiors. Minimalist Bible posts some really inspiring quotes to help us out if we’re having a not-so-great day. I think this adds to the clean and peaceful aesthetic that’s already been created by the account.

Images taken from @minimalistbible

@em_henderson | Emily Henderson

What I love about Emily’s home and her account is how natural it all comes across. Nothing feels forced with it at all and the content that’s created seems so organic, and it’s so refreshing to see.

The colour palettes shown, even though they are colourful, are quite toned down so there’s never anything that stands out, but instead blends into one another. It’s nice to see an account use so much colour without there being any kind of harshness in the pictures too.

You only have to scroll down Emily’s feed for a good 2 minutes to understand why she has such a multitude of followers, and she’s definitely found a new one in me!

Images taken from @em_henderson

@hannahtrickett_ | Hannah Trickett

The simplicity, textures and tones in this account are all so soothing and elegant and really inspires me, again, to have a very minimalistic decor for my own space. This account is rather similar to the Minimalist Bible, which I showed earlier, but with this account, you get a lot more personal with the finer details.

Hannah has a clear talent for photography and capturing design in general as not all of her pictures are of her home decor, but also the stunning designs from the outside world too.

With this account, I could probably scroll through its feed and like every single photo. The pale natural colour scheme along with the perfectly placed designs are absolutely wonderful and are a delight to my eyes.

Images taken from @hannahtrickett_

@whitneyleighmorris | Tiny Canal Cottage

One of my favourite aspects to have in, or outside, of a home is greenery. I know that house plants have become majorly popular and I love them just as much as everyone else does. This is the main selling point for the Tiny Canal Cottage for me. How much greenery and nature are included within every post adds character unlike other posts.

It gives the account a natural and fresh feel to it, with it also drawing you in with how homely it feels too. The Tiny Cottage Canal also tries to be as eco friendly as possible and by them sharing their innovative ways on such a major platfrom, helps spread their message and lifestyle to so many different people. To me, it’s ideas like this that could help actually change lifestyles and at the same time do the best for our world too.

Images taken from @whitneyleighmorris

@citysage | Anne Sage

The colour scheme in this account is probably my favourite of them all. The white background makes everything look so contemporary, whilst the black, dark browns and natural colours of cream and beige, all seem to stand out and create a further depth in the decor.

The brightness of the white really contrasts with the black of the furnitures and I really love the way that this looks within the different areas of the home.

As well as all of this contrasting, there is a subtle shine from the metallics gold and silver which adds that little bit of extra class and femininity to everything and really brings the rest of the house together.

Images taken from @citysage

I’ve loved writing and researching for this post and trying my hand at something a bit different. I’ve really found an interest in home decor and will definitely be looking for inspiration in all of these wonderful accounts in the future!

Thanks again for coming and checking out my blog.

See you soon,

All images taken from the tagged accounts.

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