A Glossier Haul

A few weeks ago, I treated myself to some Glossier products. I had heard so much about how wonderful their skincare and makeup range was that I finally gave in. I have been using them regularly since purchasing and thought that now is a good enough time to give you an honest review of everything I’d bought.

I’ve made sure to include all of the links so it’s super easy and accessible for you to check out the products in full.

All images have been taken from glossier.com

Milky Jelly Cleanser

Full size bottle (177ml): £15
Mini bottle (60ml): £8

The Milky jelly cleanser was one of the products from Glossier that I always wanted to try. I had seen so many people raving about how great it was, as it can be used on dry skin as a make up remover and on wet skin as a cleanser. Having that double use has been really great for me and it really does leave my skin feeling fresh, relaxed and oh-so soft. It’s a great product and definitely worth all of the hype.

Future Dew

Full size (30ml) – £23

I purchased Futuredew because I really loved the idea behind it. Dewy looks are very much in trend right now and the fact that a single product could give you this was very appealing to me. Although, I was worried about how successful, in delivering this look, this product would be without it feeling sticky and tacky on my skin.

For me, Glossier have somehow managed to create a product that feels light on your skin and also delivers the look that it said it promises. The other bonus is that you can double it up as a natural looking highlighter by adding more product to the high-points of your face, and it’s this technique that I have enjoyed most.

Perfecting Skin Tint

Full size (30ml ): £20

When I saw this product, I felt like now – Spring/Summer time – was the perfect time of year to try it out. I’m happy I took that chance as I know that I’ill be using this product often because of its quality. Glossier have described this product as a sheer skin enhancer which means it’s light coverage. But, for me, it gives enough coverage to blur my imperfections but not enough that it hides my freckles.

I’m also happy with the shade I chose. I went for shade G10, which was a risk as it was a shade darker than what I normally would’ve chosen for a foundation-like product. This list definitely pulled off as it gives me a subtle warmth and colour to my skin (instead of it’s natural pale tone) which I appreciate, especially during the warmer months. If you’re looking for an easy to use product, then I would recommend this to you for sure.

Stretch Concealer

Full size (4.8g): £15

Just like the Perfecting Skin Tint, I went for the shade G10 which again is a shade darker than what I would usually have gone for. With this in mind, it really does give me a summary glow and it blends beautifully into the Skint Tint, as it’s the exact same shade.

If you’re thinking about getting either the concealer for the foundation, I would probably recommend purchasing both as they work so very well together. This concealer was the surprise purchase with its smooth, creamy texture, as well as being very bendable and buildable too. They have even been days where all I use is the concealer as my base to touch up, and I still feel great!

Boy brow

Full size (3.12g): £14

Boy Brow was the product I was most excited for, and I can tell you now, it did not disappoint. I was torn between getting the clear gel and brown gel but very glad that I chose the brown. As much as the gel is brilliant, the fact that it also adds colour, texture, and the illusion of thick, full brows all in one product makes it one of my favourite products in my whole make up bag. I honestly don’t think I’ll need another eyebrow product after using this one, as it does so much for my brows on its own.

Lash Slick

Full size (8.4g): £14

For mascara, I much prefer a natural, lengthening product over a thickening one mainly because I prefer a more minimal look on a daily basis. I found that Lash Slick is very similar to Benefits Roller Lash which is the mascara I was using previous to Lash Slick. I don’t think I could choose a favourite between both but the Lash Sick does an amazing job on lifting my eyelashes and definitely succeeds at the natural minimum luck that I was hoping for.

The Glossier Sets

The Makeup Set
Perfecting Skin Tint + Stretch Concealer
The Emily Weiss Set

One of the great things about Glossier, is that they offer sets with their products. This means you can purchase a combination of products for a discounted price. Below, I’ve listed the available sets which include the products that I’ve mentioned throughout this review.

The Emily Weiss Set Our founder and CEO’s top 4 (for now): Futuredew, Bow Brow, Lash Slick & Milky Jelly Cleanser – £66 £50

Groom + Conceal + Perfect Set brow groomer + concealer + skin tint: Boy Brown, Stretch Concealer & Perfecting Skin Tint – £49 £42

The Makeup Set Daily makeup staples: Boy Brow, Cloud Paint (not reviewed in this post) & Lash Slick – £43 £35

Milky Jelly Cleanser + Futuredew conditioning face wash + oil-serum hybrid: Milky jelly cleanser & Futuredew – £38 £30

Perfecting Skin Tint + Stretch Concealer Duo makeup that lets your skin show through: Perfecting Skin Tint & Stretch Concealer – £35 £29

Glossier is a great makeup brand and one that I will continuously go back to. Hopefully, you can check out some of their products and sets and you can see for yourself just how great they are!

Thanks for reading and let me now if there are other Glossier products that you think we should check out!

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  1. I’ve been meaning to try Glossier products for some time now – Thank you for giving me a place to start for when I finally make an order!! Hope you’re doing okay 🙂 Im // theimlife.co.uk xxx

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