The Best Products to beat the cold

Although Christmas is over and the New Year is done, we still have plenty of cold weeks ahead to prepare for. So, today I’ve decided to chat to you about the skincare items I use to help my skin combat this freezing weather.

I swear by most of these items and use them on a daily basis. I definitely gravitate towards my skincare more in the colder months just because it makes me feel fresh and alive after being out in the horrid rain/wind/icy weather. I should say though, there’s not much variety in the products as the majority are moisturising products that help keep my skin protected and hydrated.


I could go as far as saying that this lip balm is my favourite product ever. The miracle it has created on my lips has been undeniable. My lips are one of the areas on my face that suffer most. They tend to crack if I don’t look after them and I also suffer from cold sores which is another reason why I focus on keeping them healthy so much.

I started using this product about a year ago, and my lips are so much better for it. I keep it in my handbag at all times and have gone through about 4 tubes already. What’s nice is that they do different flavours so you can mix it up each time.

Palmers Hand Cream

I have about 3 bottles of this hand cream laying around in different places – my handbag, my bedroom and at work – and use it at a minimum of 6-7 times a day. As with all of these products, it’s all about keeping yourself moisturised and this is great for your hands, especially when you’re as forgetful as me and never remember gloves when you go out!


I use my vaseline pot as a kind of lip mask before bed. I have no idea if this actually works but I find it has helped, especially when I have a cold and my mouth/lips get dry in the night because of my blocked nose. So all I do is apply it liberally before bed and this seems to protect my lips during the nights.

I’ve noticed a positive change to my lip line – the area that dries out and breaks first – which is why I’ll continue using this method.

Let me know in the comments below if you use this method and if it works for you!

Nivea Soft

This product will probably be the only face moisturiser I use for a long time. My best friend introduced it to me about 3 years ago and I’ve been using it ever since. What I like most about the product is how creamy it is as you can really feel it working into your skin instead of it seeping straight in and disappearing, which has happened on many an occasion with other moiturisers. I actually feel super protected and healthy whenever I use it.

I often use it for other dry patches and areas on my body which also get exposed to the cold air like my ankles and wrists.

Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado

So I’ve only recently started to use this product but so far, so good. I only heard good things about it and knew it was something that I wanted to try, and it has done well so far. The consistency is a little thick so it soaks in better overnight and works better with my night time routine. It’s also quite rich so a little goes a very long way which means that you’ll have the tub for a while!

Overall I’m happy with this product and I think, for the time being, I’ll keep it in my routine.

Face Masks

I haven’t mentioned a specific brand of face mask here because the face mask you use needs to be suited to your own skin, whether that would be a clay, mud, peel-off, sheet, cream, or pore-reducing mask, make sure you pick the right one for you. I personally use Garnier moisture bomb masks (which it’s why it’s pictured) as they’re affordable and the effects after use, I find, are long lasting.

Areas on my face are quite dry without the effects of the cold weather so the moisturising mask is my favourite to use anyway. I only get to use a facemask maybe once or twice a week because of my schedule but I find they really help in the long run because of how deep into the skin they get.

Most of these products are available in UK supermarkets but I have linked them to Boots just so you can have a read around each product if you’d like. The only branded product linked is the Keihl’s Eye Cream and so it’s linked to their own website.

Let me know in the comments below what your favourite skincare items to use are during these winter months.

As always, thanks for reading,

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