6 Coachella Fashion Trends for the Festival Season

Since Coachella is over, I thought I’d take a little look back at some of the trends that were worn throughout the two weekends and how they might inspire the rest of the festival season.

I’ve always loved the fashion trends that Coachella festival go-ers come out with anually and you know when Coachella comes around that it’s officially the start of the festival season. What’s great is that we also get some summer fashion inspo too!

So, here are 6 fashion trends that I found on Instagram that I feel like will inspire the rest of this years festival season.

Dress a Dress Down

Sophia and Cinzia knew exactly what to do when it came to dressing down these pretty party dresses. Pair it will some flat shoes – trainers, boots, sandals – and some subtle jewellery to complete the look.


Yes, you can pull off a blazer in a festival. Beautiful shown here by Brittany Xavier. You can pair almost anything with any colour blazer and it’ll work wonderfully for a festival, guaranteed!

Co-ord? Course!

A co-ord is such a safe bet for a festival and if you find a really nice one then you can get plenty of use out of it too! This knitted peachy pink co-ord on Camila Coehela is the perfect balance of festival chic.

Cinzia’s ruched satin co-ord would be prefect for catching the headliners after dark.

Comfort is Key

If anyone knows how to rock comfy festival outfits its Emma Chamberlain and best friend Olivia Rouyre.

You know in a festival that you’re going to be up all day, mostly on your feet, so to find a comfortable outfit is probably the first aspect of an outfit that you should consider.

Cowboy Boots

The Queen of Cowboy Boots, Laura Jade Stone, manages to pull off both pairs effortlessly and with ease. Honestly, I think cowboy boots would look great at any festival and with most outfit choices which is why I’ve included it in this post!

Be Yourself!

Probably the most important outfit inspiration is your own. I know I’ve written this post to help show you some of the trends I enjoyed during Coachella, but that doesn’t mean that you have to take any of it if it’s not what you like.

Just like Xenia in the photos above, I will be using all of the inspiration that I like and incorporating it into my festival looks.

Hopefully, this post has inspired some of you with your future festival outfits and given an inside look at what trends will be popping up this festival season!

Thanks again for checking out my post and I hope you enjoyed.

Until next time,

Links to all outfits are captioned at the bottom of each photo.

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